Executive Diamond Destinations, Inc
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Goal Committment

Our goal is to reduce your company administrative expenses by functioning as a partner, thus allowing your in-house personnel to focus on the meeting and the content verses the complex contact/contract process. We stay in constant communication with you and the resort(s), and yet you stay in complete control.

Not only is your time well spent by not being involved in the tedious initial stage of contacting and negotiating with the numerous hotels and resorts (all the various calls, faxes, e-mail's, and meetings), but you will soon learn to appreciate the lack of involvement necessary when the multitude of hotel and resort sales executives begin their follow up calls for future years to come!! This alone, saves you what would be a tremendous amount of unproductive time.

Your committment to us... is not to create any situations where we are duplicating efforts. This is the only requirement asked of any client as we are only compensated when we are successful in placing your meeting/event at a property.

A verbal commitment built upon a simplistic yet ethical foundation, creating a partnership worth having!