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Executive Diamond Destinations, Inc., began in the Hospitality Sales & Marketing and Destination Management Industry in 1979.  In 1996 we ventured off as a business owner and meeting specialist, supporting clients in our quest to produce successful meetings.

Services range in meeting management, assisting with site selection and the thorough negotiation process of placing meetings all over the world!

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We take your trust in us seriously.  Working together has many benefits, whether you are a full time meeting planner, an Executive Assistant or just the lucky one who has this added duty of planning a meeting.  Our partnership is not intended to take away from your input and skills but is meant to save time, enhance, support and build upon the foundation established and what the company is trying to accomplish.  All of which has no cost or hidden fees to the company. Paid by the hotel directly with no increased rates.

There is no meeting or event too small or too large. We have experience with all sizes.  We view each as an account not based on size or budget but in a relationship which is built over time.   Our clients say it all.

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What OUR ClientS Say About Us

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    Exceptional Negotiating Skills
    It was great to have you negotiating on our behalf for both cost savings as well as ensuring we got the dates and space we wanted. Your input and support in planning saved me time and allowed me to focus on the meeting content. Diane, as usual, your attention to detail, exceptional negotiating skills and the time you took to understand our needs proved invaluable to me. Thank you for everything!
    Meeting Manager / Investcorp
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    Very Trustworthy

    You have made my job so much easier, especially in the beginning of the program when it is necessary to contact many different properties for availability. After working together, I feel we have formed a trust factor between us and that you will be honest if you think a property will not fit my needs.

    Senior Meeting Coordinator / The Auto Club Group

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    Goes Above And Beyond
    Diane has truly been my right arm in assisting me in planning meetings for our executives, both inside and outside the U.S.  We have done several meetings together to include international executive level staff with travel considerations required from every continent.  She has a thorough understanding of the hotel industry and has been extremely helpful in the contract negotiations with, not only the hotel, but the destination management company as well.  She continually goes above and beyond to assure the success in my function from every angle.
    Assistant to CEO / ERM
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    Impeccable Follow-Up
    We have somewhat unique requirements and Diane has worked diligently researching and locating sites that would accommodate those needs. This has saved me countless hours of researching sites. Diane, is very professional and keeps me apprised of any new developments, whether for a new location or one used in the past. Her follow-up is impeccable. She has been most helpful not only in the search but in negotiating the contracts as well. I can wholeheartedly recommend Diane as both a reliable and professional resource. She will go above and beyond without question

    Administrator / Wexner Foundation

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    Negotiates The Best Rates

    Diane always looks after the varsity cross country teams and their parents at The First Academy. She always negotiates the best rates at hotels close to our venues even when availability is extremely competitive/low. She has graciously extended her service to our team year after year!

    Athletic Director / The First Academy

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    The Consummate Meeting Professional

    Diane is the consummate meeting professional. We have worked together since 1997. Her experience with property contract negotiations is invaluable, as is her unwavering commitment to knowing her customer in order to provide what will best supply the meeting needs of both the planner and attendees.

    Executive Assistant & Event Planner / Rogers Group Inc.

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    Ethical And Client Devoted

    I am very much a relationship person. Even though we have not worked together in 10 years Diane stands out in my mind as one of the most ethical, client devoted, honest and sincere person I have met in the 35 years that I've been in this business. Knowing her is an honor

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    Indispensable Resource

    Executive Diamond Destinations has been an indispensable resource to AMERICAN for over ten years. Diane’s attention to detail, industry expertise and understanding of our expectations has enhanced our sales meetings, both large and small, in innumerable ways. The end result for AMERICAN has been high quality, productive meetings that come in at or under budget.

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    Pleasure To Work With

    Diane, it is such a pleasure to work with you! I just know that everything will be taken care of quickly and professionally. Thank you for all of your help!

    Hannah Ellenson / New Isreal Fund

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    Incredible Management

    Diane has assisted me on our largest event by managing the housing needs of this group. As our customers are global, Diane's tenacity and professionalism comes through to assist our customers. So much so, that some have engaged Diane's assistance on other matters. Diane has been an integral part of growing this event - not only in dealing with hotel contracts (her background as a Director of Sales at various properties comes in VERY handy) but also with the convention center itself.

    Managing Director/Events & Tradeshows / Aviation Week

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    Awesome Customer Service

    I truly appreciate how helpful and awesome the customer service been. It is something that is lacking in many businesses today but your company obviously does a good job of training and retaining great people for which your customers are grateful.

    Executive Coordinator / Airbus Americas, Inc.

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    Incredibly Helpful

    Diane and her team are incredibly helpful. While they are taking care of my group reservation, I can carry on focusing on my core business: organizing the show. The handling is as easy and effective as possible – and I really appreciate the perfect support. I highly recommend working with the Aviation Week official housing agency!

    Marketing & Sales / MTU

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    Makes The Best Use Of Time
    When recommending site locations, Ms. Cheveldayoff takes into account all factors that are important and unique to AAA Life Insurance Company.  While each year’s event is targeted to be elegant and pamper, it must also offer a unique experience, each year exceeds the prior year.  As a meeting planner, I particularly enjoy working with Ms. Cheveldayoff.  When arranging site lists, she makes the best use of my and the Chief Marketing Officer’s time.  Diane pays close attention to details within our contracts and negotiates exceptional prices.  She trouble shoots for us and is always, always available.
    Marketing Manager / AAA Life Insurance Company

Executive Diamond Destinations, Inc

Winter Garden, FL 34787, United States

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